• Jazz

  • Jazz is a lively and expressive dance form that combines contemporary moves with ballet technique. This is a high energy, fun class that encourages rhythm, coordination, strength and flexibility. The pace of a jazz class is much quicker than a classical ballet class and is conducive to high energy dancers that like to jump and move. The music played in this class ranges from top 40 current tunes that you might hear on the radio to classic rock, pop and jazz songs with an upbeat tempo. Many of the entertaining moves taught in Jazz class are commonly seen in Broadway shows and musicals.

  • AgeDayTimeTeacher
    ≥ 16 yrs (Modern Jazz)Wednseday20:15 - 21:15Joyce
    ≥ 15 yrsThursday20:00 - 21:00Nicolien
    AdultThursday21:00 - 22:15Nicolien